Nigerian TV Shows to Binge-Watch This Weekend

What are you doing this weekend?

Running the Lagos Marathon (Great idea) or staying indoors and relaxing (Awesome). If you’re looking to just chill at home this weekend, then we have the right entertainment for you.

These three Nigerian TV shows  are one helluva way to spend a weekend in a state of binge-watching bliss.



What is it About: It follows the lives of five young men in Africa’s most populous city- Lagos.

What makes it so binge -worthy: Uche Odoputa as “Livinus” are AMVCA &AMAA worthy. Peggy Ovire as “Ego Oyibo” is exceptional, Jennifer Eliogu as the nosey “monster in-law” is unbelievable; and the rest of the cast deliver an amazing performance, not to mention the humour that goes along with Livinus’ character.

Where to Watch: Iroko TV

Commitment: Season 1 (EP 1-13)



What is it about: Before 30 is a brand new Nigerian Television show that follows the lives of 4 women and the pressures they face to get married before they turn thirty.

What makes it so binge-worthy: Their stories are told through the eyes of the lead character Temi Coker(Damilola Adegbite) through voice over. Nkem (Beverly Naya) plays the sexy career woman who believes men are simply playthings. Aisha (Meg Otanwa) is the conflicted northern housewife who is married to a billionaire. Ama (Anee Icha) is the sweet and cheerful friend and the youngest in the group. In all, you will find all the characters very entertaining…also look out for Temi Coker’s mum – she’s hilarious.

Where to watch: Ebony Live, Africa Magic

Commitment: 2 episodes



What is it about: The Elliot family change house girls on a weekly basis, Femi and Ada, a happily married couple have what appears to be the perfect housegirl until she becomes very close to the oga of the house, while Rebecca, a single mother’s housegirl becomes her family.

What make it so binge-worthy: Ini Edo and Imeh Bishop are totally crazy here. Ini’s character is so hilarious and real, little wonder she’s been nominated for the 2016 AMVCA – best actress in a comedy.  Ufuoma’s character is pitiable & ridiculous at the same time. The series depicts typical naija families and their “househelp drama”.

Where to watch: Iroko TV

Commitment: Season 1

What are your favourite Nigerian series? Tell us in the comments below!

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