Movie Review: Stronger Together

Director: Austine Nwaolie

Cast: Kunle Remi, Efe Irele, Jide Kosoko

Year: 2018

You might have seen many films that take inspiration from the pressure of marriage for successful women. “Stronger Together” flips the narrative and has Jide (Kunle Remi) a pediatrician who faces extreme pressure from his parents to get married, as a result, he considers suicide.

“Stronger Together” starts with an aerial shot of three people driving; a lady on the bike and two men in their cars. Eventually, one of the men comes out of his car and jumps from the bridge into the water, in an attempt at suicide. The director takes us back to his parents; who are concerned but not as concerned as parents who just heard that their only child is about to die by drowning. The director also takes us back to see Jide being saved by canoemen. The thing about this back and forth is that it establishes a number of problems that come from continuously paying attention to this film.

“Stronger Together” takes from the theme of depression, pressure of marriage and even love but fails to balance all of them in a way that gets the attention or genuine interest of its audience. A scene that has a man about to commit suicide should incite some type of reaction from the audience, but it fails. “Stronger Together” is a film that had the potential at doing more because there are a number of films that have gotten us worried for days, even after we assure ourselves that the lead actor that has been killed (in the movie) is somewhere enjoying all the money he earned at creating such believability. “Stronger Together” does not have those elements of believability and so it is flat.

“Stronger Together” proceeds to make a caricature of Jide’s decision to satisfy his parents need for a bride. We see him introduce a number of girls and we ask important questions. The screenwriter has established that the lead character is a pediatrician; why is he bringing intentionally ill-mannered and girls with lack of training to see his parents? Any viewer will assume that intelligence got Jide the job of being a Paediatrician. When we watch him, it looks far from it. If that is an attempt at humour, the film fails again!

A story like the one in “Stronger Together” should present lessons if it was presented well, but watching this film is battling with bad sound, an inconsistent story, and a rushed production.

There are new elements in storytelling introduced, but you will not see them because of how “Stronger Together” looks.

It is also worrisome the type of roles that Rok Studios continuously offers Emem Ufot. He is becoming a standard fellow, put in films to deliver humour in the same way. With every film he features in, his manner of humour is becoming stale.

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